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Through the slimy and secreting elephant orifice, we were born ...

As a group of artists who have all been described as half human, half musicians, and half centaurs all at once, Infant Elephant has actually raised Satan from the dead with nothing but their pure, unadulterated guitar shred served up with a tasty helping of edgy alt-rock/jam grooves. Experienced musicians and top former members of The School of Rock All-Stars, Infant Elephant has performed individually as touring musicians in venues all throughout the United States such as the Lollapalooza festival, The Waldorf Astoria Hotel Amphitheatre in New York City, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and countless other venues, and played with various celebrity performers such as John Wetton of the bands Asia and King Crimson, Gloria Gaynor (“I Will Survive”), Dee Snider, and more before deciding to join forces and falcon punch the music scene in the squonk. They have been regarded as "so relentless and ballsy that they're equivalent to ripping your testicles off and playing them on a record player." You can contact InfantElephantBand * or visit for bookings.

Tom McCaffrey - Guitar/Vocals
Mike Rath - Bass/Vocals
Dave Matthews - Moisture/Drums/Vocals